I am trying to express that when someone is smoking I can't see the things that are behind the fog because the fog is full.

I am trying to say that the fog is not like a window but it is more like a wall so when someone is smoking he/she is preventing I from seeing to behind.

I searched and I found the following:

  • pellucid but I think this is more like a mirror
  • thin but this is more like the against of fat
  • glassy but obvious for glass
  • hyaline maybe that is the word?
  • diaphanous maybe that is the word?
  • Your words all mean "clear", "transparent". Pellucid and Hyaline are both exceptionally rare (this native speaker needed a dictionary)
    – James K
    Commented Jul 26, 2020 at 16:22

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Smoking produces smoke, or possibly a cloud of smoke. We don't call it fog.

To describe smoke that you can't see through, you could call it:

  • thick
    6. adjective
    Thick smoke, fog, or cloud is difficult to see through.
    The smoke was bluish-black and thick.
    (Collins Dictionary)
  • heavy
    2 Of great density; thick or substantial.
    ‘heavy gray clouds’
    ‘The thick heavy grey smoke lingered among the branches and prevented the flowers and buds from being burned by frost.’
    ‘They could see an immense mountain that stretched up into heavy thick clouds.’
    ‘The sun was shrouded by heavy clouds that grayed the bright colors of the earth.’
  • dense
    2. adjective
    Dense fog or smoke is difficult to see through because it is very heavy and dark. A dense column of smoke rose several miles into the air.
    (Collins Dictionary)

Example sentence:

There are so many people smoking here that I can't see past the heavy smoke!

You wouldn't typically use any of your suggested words to describe smoke, except possibly thin. Thin seems like a possible antonym for thick (see Lexico: adj. 3.1 Not dense ).


The word for things like a wall, and not like a window is "opaque". If something is opaque, you can't see through it.

In this case I would write:

John was hidden in a cloud of smoke.

It is easier to say this than to say "The cloud of smoke was opaque"


The words you have listed, all mean transparent. Words you could use are: dense, thick, heavy, opaque, solid, impenetrable, cloudy, murky, turbid, or nubilous.

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