I would like to understand what "manifold" here is supposed to mean because it does not make sense to me in its usual meaning (marked by diversity or variety; many..), esp. when used with "fear":

Now I began to dread the city about me with a manifold fear: for apparently the whole business of the people in Malnéant consisted of preparations for the funeral of this lady Mariel.

  • Presumably he saw many different things to make him fearful. Commented Dec 10, 2020 at 9:31

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It probably dawned on the author that his fear became more complex than it was before. Instead of feeling threatened from one direction or by one issue, he suddenly realised that the threat comes from a variety of directions or issues, if I may say so, to point to the meaning of your word. I think the use of manifold next to fear is excellent here. With one word the author expressed a whole atmosphere.

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