Can anyone think of more two-syllable verbs that have stress on the first syllable and do not double the final consonant in the -ing form. The instances I am looking for will have a vowel before the last consonant in the infinitive form.

For example: open > opening ; enter > entering (in red below)

enter image description here

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    argue - arguing? /ˈɑːɡ.juː/ Feb 15 at 21:54
answer - answering
billet - billeting
fidget - fidgeting
weather - weathering
cater - catering
meter - metering
reckon - reckoning
budget - budgeting
ratchet - ratcheting
beckon - beckoning
slander - slandering
swallow - swallowing
mention - mentioning

travel - traveling (Am.E.), travelling (Be.E.)
grovel - same as 'travel'
shovel - same as 'travel'

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