I'm looking for the "hold" phrasal verb that means that I will stop doing something until something else is ready.

John's report is input to my task so I will wait for that

Would that be:

John's report is input to my task so I will hold off/on/back for that


  • You'll hold off until that. ('Hold on' also works.)
    – Void
    Commented Jun 21, 2021 at 21:02

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Confusingly, both "off" and "on" are often a part of this idiomatic construction: "John is still working on his report, so I will hold off on my task." "Hold on!" by itself means "Wait!" It doesn't have to have an object. You could yell "Hold on!" as somebody went out a door to have them stop and wait. "Hold off" specifically is about waiting to do something. So you could also say "John's report isn't ready, so I'll hold on until it is."

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