I have recently received an email from my university. I'm referring to the third paragraph.

I received this because I attended a employability soft-skills improvement event.

Dear Student,

Thank you for participating for this workshop and showing interest in developing your professional skill-set. We hope you had an interesting time and gained valuable knowledge.

Please take a moment to fill out the attached feedback form to be sent to (censored). They are very much interested in having your opinion to further develop their program.

P.S. Please confirm along with the filled form whether you are willing to participate in a paid certificate program by (censored) during your semester break at (censored).

Does this mean that I have to pay them or Is it like a paid internship where we get paid.

My guess is we need to pay them, I need some clarification.

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I would think that a "paid certificate program" in this case is a program you pay for that gives you some certificate. For example, I have a certificate that says I know how to perform CPR, and I had to pay for the class that I got that certificate from. I could probably call that class a "paid certificate program."

So I think yes, you need to pay them.

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