Something about the place makes time feel expansive and I become acutely aware of the smallest details. I notice a woman sitting on a bar stool, her legs perpendicular, resting on a nearby banister so that they form a little drawbridge, which she raises and lowers as people pass by.

(The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner)

Am I right to understand she sits on a bar stool with her legs like the ones in the picture below?

enter image description here

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Cute picture, but, no. It's the "drawbridge" that could have given you the right idea: Assume the woman is sitting upright, then her legs, if perpendicular with her body, are parallel to the ground.

Picture her with her heels on a second stool (instead of the banister) and it might be easier.

Until I find a better picture, turn yours 90 degrees clockwise and you should be close enough. (If necessary, add an imagined bar stool under her rear and the banister under her feet.)

  • I couldn't find a better picture but what I imagined was what you just told me - turning the picture 90 degree clockwise. Thank you for confirming it.
    – whitecap
    Aug 28, 2015 at 6:17

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