In order to improve your chess skill, you need to play it with the higher 'rating' or 'rated' players more often.

Which one is correct?

Thank you!


You can use either.

A higher rating player

is the same as

A player of higher rating

here, 'rating' is a noun (and 'higher' is an adjective).

A higher rated player

is the same as

A player who is rated higher.

here, 'rated' is an adjective (and 'higher' is an adverb).

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    I might be inclined to hyphenate the first one (a higher-rating player), but, even with the hyphen, I don't like it as much as the second one (a higher rated player). The way I'd probably write it, though is a more highly-rated player. – J.R. Aug 31 '15 at 16:38

Your rating is your number score. You need to play higher-rated players to raise your rating. Beating a player with a higher rating will improve your score. In the chess world you will much more often here how to "beat higher-rated players" not "beat higher rating players"

(source: native speaker and chess player!)

How to beat higher-rated players- chess.com

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