Which is correct:

I think every day we will do different topic


I think every day we will do a different topic.

I know that each noun should have an article, and here the words "different topic" are considered as a noun, but I am confused because I am not native English speaker and sometimes I see people write or say it without an article, so I have a doubt about this such sentence if it needs an article or not.

  • As I know we can use singular nouns without a definite article when they are noncount. Here topic is count so better not use it as a bare noun.
    – user33000
    Commented Jun 4, 2016 at 14:03

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For the phrase "different topic", "topic" is the noun and "different" is the adjective describing the noun.

In this case you should include the article (because it signals the noun), and "topic" is countable (so you must use a, an, or a quantity). For example:

  • ... we will do a different topic

  • You will get an alpaca

or you can use a determiner:

  • I will buy some/a few/many/etc donkeys

Of course, you don't have to (although you can) use an article/determiner when the noun is uncountable, for example:

  • I'm doing work

  • I will drink water

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