Let's say that we have a website with this sentence on its intro page:

Welcome to BioFarm, a leading Finnish innovative biotech company

Does the word leading combine well with innovative, or is it better to use either leading or innovative?

I feel like the words somehow overlap in meaning. They both indicate that the company is "cool".

I would strike out "innovative" and maybe try to use this word (if requested by the customer) in some other way.

Welcome to BioFarm, a leading Finnish biotech company (engaged in innovative research?)

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    I would write "Welcome to BioFarm, a leading innovative Finnish biotech company". I don't see any overlap in the meanings of the modifiers. "cool" would be a vague description in any case. – user3169 Feb 9 '17 at 1:15


goes well with


it implies the reason the company is a leading company is because it is innovative.

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