Forwarding mails with FYI tag was my normal practice. I got a mail from my lead with a line as " For your kind information ". Which is correct, For your information or for your kind information?


"For your kind information" seams to appear only in Indian English.

The adjective "kind" here describes "information". Here's to ask then "Can information be kind?" or "What is kind information?" - this doesn't make sense. Information cannot be kind (it can be good or bad; helpful or not, but not kind) and therefore it is a semantically incorrect usage of the word.

The correct phrase is "For your information" or just FYI for short.

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As others have mentioned, it does sound strange, and I would question the use of kind in this sentence. Information cannot be kind, but it can be given with kindness.

You can put 'kind' in similar greetings, such as 'kind regards' - the regards you are giving giving are kind in nature. When saying For your information, you are giving someone some information to 'keep' with their records, either physical or mental, so to speak. For your kind information makes it sound like you want to file it away with the kind information they own!

I do not believe For your information is a sentence which can be enhanced with a word such as kind.

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