The following are comments made on this video link]:

Person A:

Anyone know if the dude actually lost any digits? A fish that big looks like it could take off with your arm if it wanted to.

Person B:

I don't see any spurting blood when his hand flashes back into frame so he's probably fine.

What does Person B meant when he says when his hand flashes back into frame? I understand that flash here means to move very quickly according to OALD, but what about into frame? Does frame here talking about the body?


In this context, I presume into frame is short for into the picture frame.

In other words:

I don't see any spurting blood when his hand flashes back into the picture frame, so he's probably fine.

Person B is saying that, if the injury was serious, we'd probably see some blood in the picture.

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    Exactly. In cinema/video production frame, noun, means both the individual image and the physical area it represents, and frame, verb (or frame up) means to set the camera in a manner which will locate the objects captured at a specific location within the frame, noun. Nov 17 '13 at 17:43
  • +1 to StonyB's comment. In particular, "back into frame" simply means "is visible in the field of view of the camera again".
    – Wayne
    Feb 26 '14 at 3:22

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