I am learning English these days. Can somebody please tell the meaning of "Do come back later!" in the below paragraph? Why Do is used in the beginning?

Scheduled Downtime! We are enhancing the services on the site. The services will not be available from 15th September 12:30 AM to 15th September 02:30 AM. Do come back later!


It's idiomatic. "Do" is not grammatically needed in this context, but it may be used, and has a pragmatic effect.

In this context, it turns the command into an invitation:

Do sit down.

means "I invite you to sit down" - really, only a marker of politeness.

So "Do come back later" is inviting you - maybe even imploring you - to come back later.

[With a different tone of voice, "Do sit down" might convey annoyance: "Stop interfering and sit down". But that is not really possible in the case you give.

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