In following piece of text, why author used him instead of himself?

In the 1500s, the Spanish explorer Cortes met the Aztecs. Cortes became quiet interested in plantations where the Aztecs cultivated chocolate trees. When he returned to Europe, he took cacao beans with him. He introduced the people of Spain to the Aztecs' chocolate beverage.

Reference: 4000 Essential English words, Paul Nation, Book 4

According to here we not use reflexive pronoun:

After a preposition of place or location we use a personal pronoun and not a reflexive pronoun.

Is this true for the above situation?

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Yes, it is true for the situation you've cited.

he took cacao beans with him

is correct.

he took cacao beans with himself

does not really mean anything, the closest might be

he took cacao beans himself

which would mean he brought cacao beans, whereas others did not.

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