one of my friends said:

"The swoosh of the shower"

I don't really think it fits the calm sound that could be heard when water is falling in a common shower, listening in the bedroom next door.

What word could be better?

  • Can you tell us what word you'd use in your native language? – James K Mar 28 '18 at 19:37

A couple of suggestions:

The pitter-patter of the shower.

Pitter-patter is more often used for the sound of raindrops, but can easily be extended to include the “artificial rain” of a shower.

The (gentle) splashing of the shower.

Splash is a generic word for the sound of water.

You are asking about onomatopoeia, and this gives a chance to be creative in your use of language. We don't tend to think of onomatopoeia as being “real” words, and you can be fairly creative in making them up.

The shhshhshh of the shower was interrupted by my husband’s out-of-tune singing.

I've italicised word used as sound.

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