I heard in the movie Kubo and the Two Strings:

I do so love the festival.

We just need your other eye. Your grandfather admires it so.

It appears to function as an adverb, possibly meaning very much. Does it have the same meaning as:

We are so going to fail the exam.

If so, I would understand the first sentence, but the second sentence where so appears at the end still sounds strange. What is this usage?

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There is a possible answer here in english.stackexchange.com. Also there is a page in wikipedia saying:

So is a word that may be used to end sentences. When ending a sentence, it may be:

  • a coordinating conjunctive to refer backwards to something previously mentioned
  • a coordinating conjunctive dangling "so" (sometimes called trailing "so")1 to refer forwards to something that may be said
  • an intensifying adverb.
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