As regards the word pain being uncountable, which of the following is correct:

I had a severe pain last night.

I had severe pain last night.

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    Either is correct. Pain can be both countable and uncountable. Cf. "aches and pains," etc. – Robusto Jan 11 at 6:10

The word pain can be both countable and uncountable. In the countable form, it tends to refer to a specific pain in a particular place and time. The uncountable form is used for the general concept.

Pain can be controlled with some types of drug.

I got a pain in my knee when I was running.

The countable form can also be used figuratively to mean an annoying person.

My son is such a pain when he argues about homework.

In your case, you could use pain either countably or uncountably, but if you are referring to a specific pain then the countable form is more likely.

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