A: We have to reduced energy usage by %15. That means no more laminating Santiago.

B: Oh, that's fine. It is not the thing that gives me the most pleasure in life. Interacting other people, that's what gets me going. (B is real nerd. She likes everyhing about planning, binders, pencils, etc. B says this line in not a persuasive way. She really takes pleasure laminating her papers.

This dialogue is from an american sitcom.

What does "get me going" mean. I have made a research on internet but I think here ıt means different than the meanings I have find out while searching. I suppose it means something like "gives me motivation to live". But I am not sure.

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"Gets me going" can work in the sense of getting you excited about doing something, but it's imprecise. It can also mean "makes me mad" or "wakes me up" or a number of other interpretations. I would recommend "Interacting with other people, that's what I enjoy" or "That's what motivates me."

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