I am looking for an adjective to describe a pillow that is 'too high / too big /too uncomfortable' to sleep on. Could I use 'bloated'? On the Internet, I saw some people using 'fluffy' (too fluffy) in similar context (but I don't mean a pillow covered in fluff). Do you have any suggestions?

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    "Bloated" sounds good for me. It is an extension of the usual meaning, so it would need context.
    – James K
    Oct 22 '19 at 19:11
  • Thank you! In general, it is not defective; just someone doesn't like that pillow type.
    – Ronja
    Oct 22 '19 at 19:54

As you stated in your question, "fluffy" is normally a good attribute that people want out of a pillow. You could prefix almost any adjective with "too" to show that it was to an excessive degree and therefore a negative thing. It could be too big, too large, too high, too fluffy. I personally would not say "too uncomfortable", because that would imply that there was some level of discomfort that was acceptable for a pillow.

If you are looking for a single, negative adjective word that makes clear it is too big (but without requiring "too", you could say that the pillow is:

  • Bulky
  • Oversized
  • Plump (although sometimes considered a good quality in a pillow)
  • Thank you! Great suggestions!
    – Ronja
    Oct 22 '19 at 19:55

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