A: It's your birthday soon. Do you think... you'll get some good presents?/you're going to get some good presents?

B: I already know what my mom and dad… are going to give me./will give me./are giving me.

Could someone please tell me what you think the most natural combination here would be? Thank you in advance.

  • Not will give me. All the other options are natural. Maybe you'll get and are giving me are the most idiomatic (to me, anyway). – Kate Bunting May 22 '20 at 8:10
  • They are all fine but all have a slightly different meaning. – Lambie 9 hours ago

Native speaker, and I disagree with the other comment. I would use “will give me”. All options sound equally natural to my ears.

  • The trick here is to distinguish the subtleties and the OP doesn't want to do the work that entails. – Lambie 9 hours ago

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