I have come across in the seventh episode of the seventh season of Friends. Here is the context:

Joey: Yeah—Hey, don’t worry, she’s a terrific girl. And hey listen, could you do me a favor? When she comes out could you just mention that I’m not looking for a serious relationship; that’d be great.

Rachel: Why?! What?! Are you kidding?!

Joey: Just casually slip it in, y’know lay the groundwork. Tell her uh, I’m a loner—No! An outlaw! Tell her she doesn’t want to get mixed up with the likes of me.

Rachel: Y’know what? That’s a lot to remember, can’t I just tell her you’re a pig?

Joey: Hey, I’m gonna call her later! Honest! Oh come on, Chandler used to do it! He’d even make the girl pancakes! Plus, he’d make extras and leave ‘em for me.

Rachel: Well forget it, I’m not telling that girl anything. That is not my responsibility.

Joey: Fine! (Pause) Now, where’d we land on those pancakes? (She chases him out the door as his date emerges from the bathroom.)

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From Merriam-Webster's definition of land:

intransitive verb
2 b : to come to be in a condition or situation
       // landed in jail

In other words:

"Now, where did we end up [with] those pancakes?"

Or, to paraphrase further:

"Now, what decision did we make about those pancakes?"

In other words, Joey's hungry and he'd like it if Rachel made him some pancakes.

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