I've found this sentence structure while reading this part of the text, and I wonder: what is it used for and when is used?

Judy really enjoys working with you and the team and finds the project very interesting, but I think she's feeling a bit lost and struggling to see the big picture. It seems that she's been given a fair amount of autonomy to carry out the tasks that you've given her, and of course this level of delegation is not uncommon in your branch. But I believe in her Tokyo office, she is used to a bit more managerial direction and guidance and so is finding this international project quite daunting.

Source: https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/skills/reading/advanced-c1/managing-a-problem

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It is a verbose sentence and perhaps not ideally punctuated, but the "so is" is quite standard. Here is the meaning

In her Tokyo office, I believe, she is used to more managerial guidance, and therefore she is finding this international project quite daunting.

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