What's the difference between went shopping and shopped in the following sentences:

1 I went shopping yesterday.

2 I shopped yesterday.


I went shopping yesterday.

emphasises you had to move somewhere in order to do your shopping.

I shopped yesterday.

just describes the action of browsing, choosing items and paying for them.

Both are grammatically correct, the former is definitely natural, but I haven't heard the latter much.

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    Yes. I think "I shopped" isn't as common. But it's very usual to say "I shopped for food, groceries, etc." or I like to shop at "some place" for clothes. That doesn't deny the fact that "I shopped yesterday" is not natural. It is rather a matter of context. e.g. "As I shopped/was shopping yesterday, I made a new friend."
    – Alex TheBN
    Dec 18 '20 at 21:11

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