I understand there are always more than one way to say something but which preposition is correct in this sentence?

Contact the team regarding/with/on/about this issue.

  • I would use either regarding or about. With and on are simply not grammatically correct in your context.
    – Joe Kerr
    Mar 3, 2021 at 1:51

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Contact the team about this issue and Contact the team regarding this issue are both correct and work regardless of whether the issue is a topic or a problem. You can contact the team about workplace rights or cancer, but you can't contact them "with" those things. You can also contact the team about a bug in their software or about a problem you're having with their software. In the last case, "with" would also be acceptable - though "about" might still be preferable.

Contact the team with this issue works if the issue is a problem whose details will be conveyed to the team. (Compare "if you are the winner, contact us with your name and address" - "with" precedes the information to be conveyed to the team.)

*Contact the team on this issue is wrong. (You could "contact them on an old Nokia phone", but "on" here would mean "using".)

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