Could you tell me which one is correct: the packaging that your phone came in or the packaging that your phone came with? For example:

If you want to send the phone back and get refunded, you have to have the packaging that your phone came in/with.

Are both natural and correct?

  • It would be more natural to use in. The packaging had the purpose of protecting the phone in transit, it didn't come with it like some kind of accessory. Commented Jul 23, 2021 at 8:20

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I think that "in" sounds more natural. Here is my reasoning:

In this context, "with" is too broad. Although the packaging did come with the phone, the phone was also in the box. Meanwhile, there are likely some things that came with the phone that do not need to be sent back for the return.

That being said, both are natural enough and I do not think that anyone would wince upon hearing "with" instead of "in".

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