I want to buy something which costs 10 dollars. I have only 7 dollars.

Now my question is, Which are the other ways to say that I need 3$ more? Are the sentences below ok?

3$ needed more

3$ more

I lack 3$

3$ lacked

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    In English, we put the dollar sign before the number, like $3.
    – stangdon
    Aug 22 '21 at 15:13
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    I lack $3 would work although it does sound a bit strange.
    – mdewey
    Aug 22 '21 at 15:37
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    Note that when writing things out it is generally accepted practice to spell out numbers smaller than twelve or so, instead of using the Roman numerals. And of course when you spell out the number you spell out the currency too. So: I need three more dollars.
    – randomhead
    Aug 22 '21 at 17:03
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    I'd say, "I want to buy something which costs ten pounds but I'm three pounds short." I don't know if I'd find life easy in States! :) Aug 22 '21 at 18:39
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    Or: I need 3 dollars more. Note to Old Brixtonian: we say short in the US, too. three dollars short.
    – Lambie
    Aug 22 '21 at 19:13

It would depend on what you are trying to say.

If you wanted to explain that you can't afford it, you might say "Sorry, I'm short by $3", although it would be simpler to just say "Sorry, I only have $7".

If you were a child asking a parent for more money then you might say "I need $3 more", or "I need another $3". Saying "I need..." generally implies that you are trying to get it, so you wouldn't say that unless it was part of a request or some other plan to get it.

  • Can I say the short amount to refer to the amount that I need? Aug 22 '21 at 17:12
  • The amount that you are short is the balance that you require (amount you need) to purchase the item. Aug 22 '21 at 18:25
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    @MohammadBarbast The phrase is "short by", so "the amount I'm short by" would be what you want, although that is a clumsy way to put it. Aug 23 '21 at 8:07

If you say

I need $3 more.

it is clear that you need $3 to complete a sum that is necessary presumably for a certain purchase.


In oral speaking your suggestions would be accepted;3$ needed more, 3$ more,I lack 3$, 3$ lacked. A native speaker can grasp what you mean. However, I would prefer "I need three dollars more".

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