We use 'more' when we use the second degree of the words with multiple syllable such as "beautiful" becomes "more beautiful". We don't use 'more' with words like rich and hard. We say: richer, harder. We also don't use 'more' for the second degree of words like: good==> better

Can we say the following:

More better

More richer

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    Better and richer are already comparatives, so there is no need to use more. Commented Oct 29, 2021 at 10:47

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You should not use "more better".

There is some limited use of this but it is mostly confined to young children. "More better" would be considered an error in most contexts, especially if it was used to mean "better".

You can intensify "better" or "richer" with adverbs like "much":

Bill Gates is much richer than I am.

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