I am wondering what is the most idiomatic way to add clarification after a sentence that might not be completely clear.
Does the second part of the following examples sound idiomatic or is there a more commonly used construction?

  1. It's a bit complicated....my life (is).

  2. They got here early....my brothers (did).

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    Those are all perfectly idiomatic, with or without is/did. They usually take a comma where you have an ellipsis. In a sentence like "They got here early, my brothers", where it may look as if the brothers are being addressed, adding 'did' clarifies things. In many parts of the UK "He's a bit strange is Derek" is colloquial. That construction would also work with your sentences. "They got here early, did my brothers". Nov 20, 2021 at 9:43

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What you've written makes sense, and does look idiomatic.

Here are other examples which come to mind.

  1. It's a bit complicated....my life, that is.

  2. They got here early....my brothers, I mean.

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