Borrower SES Global Americas Holdings GP

Issue Amount 500 million euro

Maturity Date October 24, 2018

Coupon 1.875 pct

Reoffer price 99.172

Yield 2.051 pct

Spread 73 basis points

Underlying govt bond Over Mid-swaps, equivalent to 116.7bp

Over the OBL 167

Payment Date October 24, 2013

Lead Manager(s) BNP Paribas, CA - CIB, Commerzbank, Mizuho, MUSI & BCEE

-- New Issue-SES Global Americas prices 500 mln euro 2018 bond

I don't quite understand the two "over" here. They seem to mean "more than" or "in exchange for", but I'm not so sure.

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I think I've figured it out. "Over" here means "more than".

That part can be interpreted as:

"Yield 2.051% = 73 basis points + 5-year euro swap rate (set on the SES bond issuance date) = 116.7 basis points + yield on German federal government 5-year notes Series 167 (set on the SES bond issuance date)."

Sorry for the jargon in the question and answer.


Here, it means more than or beyond.

Over can also mean

Meaning -- Usage example:

  1. beyond -- Over there

  2. above / on top of -- over the mountains

  3. finished -- The function was over when I reached

  4. about/surrounding -- Jackie, the dog was all over me with joy

  5. more than -- over 1000 years ago

Also, 6 balls make an "Over" in Cricket.

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