Which one is correct to say?

I have sent her an email with instruction about how to add mailboxes into her outlook

I have sent her an email about how to add mailboxes into her outlook.

  • I wouldn't write "... into her outlook.", rather "... in her Outlook". Outlook capitalized because it is the trade name of a specific program. – user3169 May 18 '15 at 1:17

The second sentence implies that the e-mail contains no other significant content.  Those instructions are the entire point of the e-mail.

The first sentence doesn't have this implication.  Those instructions are included, but other things might be included as well.

If the e-mail does include other things, the first sentence is a better choice.

The phrasing "instructions about" doesn't sound quite natural to me.  It isn't wrong, but I would recommend "instructions for adding" as a better option than "instructions about how to add".

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