Consider these two sentences:

1) It is powerful enough to cover most scenarios of content extraction.

2) It is powerful enough to cover the most scenarios. (or better the most possible scenarios).

I think in the sentence 2, as I cut the rest of the sentence, I can use "the" to restrict the scenarios to the context of the sentence.

Is my analysis of using "the" here, is creditable?

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    I think it should be, ". . . to cover most of the scenarios." (to refer to the scenarios according to the context). By saying "the most. . ." I think it is in need of an adjective (considering the superlative construction -> "The most possible scenario(s)")
    – shin
    Commented Aug 20, 2015 at 10:12

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The most would mean "more than any other similar tool".

This car gets the most miles per gallon of all cars in its class.

Most would refer to "the majority".

In a desert, most days it does not rain.

So you'd want to say:

It is powerful enough to cover most scenarios.

i.e. "the majority of scenarios"

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