I am trying to fully understand the meaning of the preposition "into" in the below context so I can write a sentence like this.

But these countries have to have the right climate and geographical features If they are going to produce sufficient high-quality plants to manufacture into the wide range of teas that are exported around the world.

I would have written like this:

manufacture the wide range of teas

But I am not sure that whether it is grammatically correct or not. Is this preposition "into" often used with the sentence like "wide range of"?


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Into is not unusual with verbs which involve some sort of transformation. The basic 'template' is

VERB Substance1 into Substance2

For instance:

  • A wicked witch changedVb the princesss1 into a toads2.
  • Renaissance alchemists hoped to discover a process for turningVb leads1 into golds2.
  • Gates and Allen builtVb their little two-man coding operations1 into the dominant forces2 in the emerging microcomputer market.

With manufacture as VERB, the sense of your sentence is that tea plants, Substance1, a raw material, are transformed by the manufacturing process into the wide range of teas, Substance2.

If they have enough high-quality plants they will be able to manufacture them into the wide range of teas that are exported around the world.

Note that plants here means vegetable organisms, not manufacturing facilities.

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