I'm checking an update before release and as I was checking everything out, I realized the English version of our product uses "Payment mode" as caption for payment methods. I wasn't exactly sure if it was an accepted term or not. I know mode of payment exists, but I've never heard of "payment mode".

  • If you're not limited to the number of symbols, why not use "Payment method"? – Victor Bazarov Sep 29 '15 at 18:10

"Payment mode" would be fine. It would get the message across quite unambiguously. However, I think the more common phrase is "payment method," just so you are aware. If I were in your position (I too am a software developer), I would probably not bother the project manager with this issue, since it would probably set you back to change it.

  • @Stephie No worries, I work in the IT department for a global corporate bank. The red tape is horrifying. If I have to talk to non-IT, a change like this could easily set back our release another iteration. – Crazy Eyes Sep 29 '15 at 19:22

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