"I'm not one to forget, you know" This is from a song lyrics, and It means I always can't let the past go and remember what happened in mind.

I wonder can we use this idiomatic structure in other way? "He is not a person to learn" I want to say he don't learn anything from the mistake and keep repeating the mistake. But I worry about other might misunderstood the meaning into he is not a good example for me to learn.

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Pretty much any verb, active or passive, can be used with the "not one to" pattern.

He's not one to take that sitting down.

He's not one to complain.

He's not one to learn new things quickly.

He's not one to spend much thought on such a thing.

He's not one to listen.

He's not one to try new foods.

He's not one to drink flavored coffees.

He's not one to sing on key.

A complement is needed if the verb is "to be":

He's not one to be easily duped.

He's not one to be trusted.

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