I'm confused with indefinite pronouns such as all , Some , None , Any in which the verb used to agree with it can be singular or plural . What is the strategy to identify whether the verb is singular or plural . ?

Example statement :

All this information allows the problems to be prioritised and the more serious one attended to first.

Why is the verb used 'allows' ? Confused. Thanks ..

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Words like information fall into a category called uncountable nouns. Some other examples are water, furniture, candy, sugar, and air. These nouns are treated as a singular collection of things with no plural form, which is why you use the singular form of a verb with them. However you must use all or some to indicate plurality. Confusing right?

If you want to indicate that one of these nouns is explicitly singular then you must use the form a...of. For example:

a piece of information

a drop of water

a piece of furniture

a piece of candy

a granule of sugar

a gust of air

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