From the dictionary, I know that It's a good thing is used when something happened, it is lucky that it happened.

But in the following sentence, that is not describing something has happened and instead it is just about a future situation or an opinion. So I think it is inappropriate to use this clause - It's a good thing.

If just saying It's good seems not correct, then what should be used here?

It is a good thing that if grandparents can contribute their efforts to care for their grandchildren.


It will be good, if grandparents can contribute their efforts ...

You use can which represents the future tense. If you were to (more politely so) use could instead, then the sentence would be like

It would be great, if grandparents could contribute their efforts...

  • Hi, and welcome to ELL! Can you please expand your answer to include the detail of why you think this is the answer and what references you used? – Matt Oct 10 '13 at 17:32

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