Source is St Vincent (2014) comedy movie.

Context: At Saint school, Principle and Brother Geragathy talking to Maggie about her son Oliver's behavoir.

Maggie: We're in the middle of a divorce. Oliver's father was having an affair with his assistant, and our accountant, and my hairdresser, while she was still doing my hair, so that was fun. And now he's filed for custody of Oliver, full custody. And he won't pay any support until he gets what he wants. Plus, he's a lawyer. So I just had to get out of there as fast as I could, and I took Oliver with me, and I got a job at Mission Hills. I'm a CAT scan tech. So I just see... really rough stuff all day. You know, cancer and tumors and cysts and clots, and I see what I'm looking at, but I can't tell, you know, the people that are laying there, so that's... miserable all day. And I work really late, because I'm trying to get our act together. That's why he's here, so he can have a good education, and I'm trying to just give him a semi-normal life, and I'm dealing with this shit from David and... custody. I'm sorry about swearing. I know he didn't even want kids. He didn't want them. He's just doing this so I'm not happy. You know Oliver's adopted. I don't know how you would, but he is. And... I cannot have... kids. You know, something about my fallopian tubes being twisted. I think, what I really think, is that they were just recoiling from David's sperm. Can I...

Maggie: Can I just have one? (Asking for tissue to clean her face)

Maggie: Thank you. Thank you for that. (Brother Geragathy gave her tissue) So I just think that all of this has kind of permeated, you know, Oliver's whole little being, right? I mean, it has to. He's like a little, like a little sponge.

I know the word permeate means It means to spread through something and be present in every part of it. For example:

A foul smell of stale beer permeated the whole building.

Foul smell of stale beer is occupied whole building. So in Maggie words what is occupied what exactly?

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    The list of misfortunes (all of this) has permeated her son's entire emotional and physical state (Oliver's whole little being). Oct 4, 2017 at 13:31

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And (to add to @FumbleFingers' answer) what has occupied Oliver's being is all the experiences of the divorce, Maggie's problems dealing with the consequences. In other words, Oliver has grown up with all this and it has affected him deeply.


In the cited context, "what is occupied" is Oliver's whole little being - the entirety of his existence, everything about him.

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