I need to write something like this on a poster:

Save (the?) Environment Today

For a Better (Future) Tomorrow

Basically I want to say: Save environment (resources) today so that we can live better tomorrow or something like that, as it is World Environment Day today.

Is future unnecessary or important or would have a different meaning here?

Also, do I need to put a the before Environment?

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Yes, you need the "the" before "environment," because "environment" is a countable noun, and so you want to specify which environment you're talking about; "the environment" typically refers to the entire planet and/or all habitable areas.

No, you do not want to use the word future, because you're using the fairly standard "today/tomorrow" poetic license, where "today" means "currently/the current age" and "tomorrow" means "the time/age that follows". You could substitute "today" and "tomorrow" for the same effect as "now" and "future":

Save the Environment Now/Today

For a Better Future/Tomorrow


How environment becomes countable? I think it is neuter gender. It it is proper noun. Definite article the is used before proper nouns. So the environment is correct.

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