My main question is how to tell the guy who called you that your available to start the conversation, for example, someone call you for an interview and he says:

"Hi Gonzalo, Do you have 10 minutes to talk about a job interview?"

And instead of tell him just "Yes" what's the properly way to tell him?

"Yes, I'm free"

"Yes, I'm available"

I think that available sounds only for objects.

  • Do you have a reason to believe that available is only for objects?
    – Davo
    Commented Aug 2, 2018 at 20:06
  • I use "I am available" all the time. Actually you can turn it into a joke based on the multiple meanings of the word "free" -- Yes, I'm available but I'm never free ...
    – Andrew
    Commented Aug 3, 2018 at 15:34

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Both of these statements are correct and can be used interchangeably, and being available is not restricted to objects only. In fact, I had to fill out "availability times" for one of my jobs that told them when I could work during the week.

"Yes, I'm free."

"Yes, I'm available."

One of the definitions of available from the Merriam-Webster dictionary states: "free and able to do something at a particular time (should be available to meet next Tuesday)" Also, looking at synonyms of available, you can see that free comes up as a strong match, proving that they can both be used.

Other options you could use include:

"Yes, I do."

"Yes, I can."

Since the essential question was "Do you have 10 minutes to talk about a job interview" (emphasis mine), replying with "I do" means "I do have 10 minutes to talk..." in the context of the situation.

You can also use "I can" because you are essentially responding with "I can talk about the job interview."


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