In our everyday conversation how we can use these two words "boast" and "brag" and which one of them is taken in a negative sense?.Need some examples to differentiate between these two.

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    They are synonyms, but 'boast' is used more for the future and 'brag' for the past. "He boasted that he would be rich"; "He bragged that he was rich". There are some idiomatic preferences: "boast of", "brag about": "He boasted of his abilities"; "He bragged about his abilities".
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  • @amI examples are very clear to understand the difference Commented Nov 24, 2018 at 10:06

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I really can't see a difference between the two, other than how they sound, and how they relate to various other words:

boast (n) | boast (v) | boastful (adj)

brag (n) | brag (v) | braggart (someone who excessively brags) | braggadocio (excessively boastful behavior, often considered to be mere artifice)

Even the dictionary uses one to define the other, so I would consider them more or less perfect synonyms.

Note: @aml suggests that "boast" is used more often for future accomplishments, and "brag" for past accomplishments, but I don't agree. I can't think of of a single context where one couldn't be swapped for the other:

He boasted/bragged of his wealth

He boasted/bragged that he would be rich someday.

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