the students had learned some stuff before this lecture, and now the lecturer is talking about the content again.

the lecturer himself is saying

we'll start with the 10 minute recap on ...

how do I describe what they are doing? is this a proper expression? "they are in a recap"

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I might suggest "He's in the middle of a recap" rather than just saying he's "in" one, but your way does work as well.

And just by the way, "recap" is short for "recapitulation" (or "recapitulate" when used as a verb).

  • I would argue that, situationally, "they are in a recap" COULD be syntactically-valid. For instance: "Are Bob and Sue coming with us to lunch?" "No, they are in a recap with the boss, going over the details of the disaster that was last week's sales call."
    – NerdyDeeds
    Commented Dec 27, 2022 at 15:02

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