Is there an expression along the lines of "jumping up to the ceiling" which could be used to describe a situation when someone is so happy he's jumping very high?

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    The expression is "to jump for joy". – anouk Jul 30 '19 at 16:13

"Jumping up to the ceiling" is not an idiomatic expression, but there are a number of others related to being in an elevated position:

jump for joy

be on cloud nine

be flying high

be walking on air

be over the moon

be in heaven

be on top of the world

and various others. Also for general interest, there's "dancing on the ceiling", which is not in common use, but still can be used. It means to be having a good time at something like a party. Be aware some people -- well, older people -- will invariably associate the phrase with the song and ask if you are a Lionel Richie fan.

In contrast, to "hit the ceiling/roof" means to react with extreme anger.

Her parents hit the ceiling when they found out she borrowed the car without asking.

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