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infect (verb) to make a disease or an illness spread to a person, an animal or a plant

infect somebody/something It is not possible to infect another person through kissing.

infect somebody/something with something people infected with HIV

But we also have the verb "transmit"

​[transitive] (formal) to pass something from one person to another synonym transfer

transmit something sexually transmitted diseases

transmit something to somebody Parents can unwittingly transmit their own fears to their children.

And the verb Spread

[intransitive, transitive] to affect or make something affect, be known by, or be used by more and more people

(+ adv./prep.) The disease spreads easily.

Within weeks, his confidence had spread throughout the team.

Use of computers spread rapidly during that period.

spread something to spread rumours/lies about somebody

The disease is spread by mosquitoes.

So what is the common way to express the idea.

"you infected me with your disease"

or "you transmitted your disease to me"

or "you spread your disease to me"

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All three of your sentences are grammatical in English.

But please note, when the subject of the sentence is "you", it has the tone of an accusation: the transmission of the disease was an action done by "you." It would be more neutral to use the passive voice, or to put yourself (I) as the subject of the sentence.

It is also pretty confrontational to use the expression "your illness", or especially "your disease", as if the disease is that person's own private property.

If this is the effect you want to convey, then your 1st sentence is the most aggressive accusation of the three:

"You infected me with your disease." The spreading of the infection probably wasn't on purpose, but this sentence seems almost to imply that it was deliberate.

More neutral ways of saying the same thing would be:

"I caught the disease/illness/infection from you."

"The disease was spread/transmitted from you to me."

Or, to sound a little more "medical":

"I contracted the disease/illness/etc. from you."

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