Look at the picture. This is a room in a high-sky building for children to play. It was designed like in the picture.

enter image description here

There is a wooden platform for people to sit or lie on. Should we call it "a wooden bed" or "a wooden stage" ?

Also, there are many wooden supporting sticks. Should we call it "a pillar"

​pillar: a large round stone, metal or wooden post that is used to support a bridge, the roof of a building, etc., especially when it is also decorative

Two white marble pillars stood on either side of the entrance.

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The vertical objects that extend from the floor to the ceiling are pillars or columns. The flat raised surface is a platform.

A stage is a platform where people perform. A bed is a place where people lie down and/or sleep. It doesn't appear that the platform in your photo has either of these functions.

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