Let's suppose I'm working or studying and I want to take a break.

Is "I'm going to unwind" used in that situation or is "I'm going to take a break" a lot more common?

How about

I'm gonna take a break and unwind.


I'm gonna take a break to unwind.


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    "Take a break" specifically states that you are going to stop working for a short time. What you do in that time is another matter (visit the bathroom, make a cup of tea or simply relax (unwind) for a few minutes). Apr 5, 2021 at 13:40

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"Unwind" implies that you are currently "wound". That is you are stressed and the purpose of the break is to get rid of that stress.

Otherwise you could take a break because you are tired, or hungry, or bored (or lots of other reasons) not because you are stressed.

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