1. The company had already decided to bring out a new version of the car.
  2. The company had already decided to come out with a new version of the car.

I think these 2 sentences are both correct.

  1. Apple are bringing out a new cell phone. (Why does this seem incorrect?)
  2. Apple are coming out with a new cell phone.
  • What makes you think it sounds incorrect? Commented Apr 7, 2022 at 14:01
  • It just doesn't sound correct.
    – Lucy
    Commented Apr 7, 2022 at 14:02
  • Sounds fine to me. Commented Apr 7, 2022 at 14:05
  • 1
    "bring out" implies that they are physically unveiling the device/car/etc. This is correct, for example, in an event where a person is physically moving the item in question to a location where people can see it. If you are talking about the more abstract sense of "releasing an item to the public," you would use "coming out with."
    – Esther
    Commented Apr 7, 2022 at 16:28
  • 1
    Another way to say this is, "releasing a new cell phone." There are many ways to state this. BTW, in the USA, "Apple is..." In the UK, as you wrote, "Apple are..." Commented Apr 7, 2022 at 21:42

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In US English one might say either:

  • Apple is bringing out a new cell phone.
  • Apple is coming out with a new cell phone.

I think "bringing out" is rather more common, but both are grammatically valid. Either would be understood by a fluent speaker, and there is no significant difference in meaning.

This Google Ngram shows "is bringing out" to be significantly more common than "is coming out with" for all periods since 1800, and all relevant sets of text. The usual cautions of Google Ngrams apply, some examples may be using these words in a quite different grammatical pattern, and this captures printed books, not speech.

Even so, the difference in reported usage is non-trivial.

In response to a comment by user "randomhead", I did another Google Ngram for the past tense version. It shows that "has brought out" is significantly moe common in the corpus that Google uses than "has come out with". The related Google books search includes such examples as:

  • "The hot weather has brought out all the blossom on the fruit trees" ... . "Will the sunshine bring out the rose?" "Ramesh Publishing House has brought out an immensely valuable and useful book titled 'Word Power'" from For Complete Master Over Written & Spoken English Phrasal Verbs in Daily Use By J. K. Arora · 2018 ISBN: 9788183481526 (a ‘Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs) [page 14]

  • "However, so far the Institute has brought out 33 publications in the form of bibliographies and checklists. Gujarat University Library brought out the list of books on ( a ) education, ..". from Social Science Information in India: Efforts Towards Bibliographical Control By S. D. Vyas · 1992 - Page 149 ISBN 9788170224457.

  • "It has brought out in the past a publication, Doctorates in Social Sciences" from Development of Library Services in India: Social Science S. P. Agrawal, ‎Suren Agrawal · 1989 Page 34

  • "Some particles can be shifted to the right of the succeeding noun: ELBS has brought out a new book. ELBS has brought a new book out." from Adv Communicative Eng - Page 53 by Krishna Mohan, Meenakshi Raman, ‎Meenakshi Raman · 2010

  • "Mr Shukla has brought out three books this year" from Learners' English Grammar And Composition (On Modern Lines) by N.D.V. Prasada Rao · 2000 [page 148]

  • "... who has brought out two novels with a major publisher. " from *Out of Russia: Fictions of a New Translingual Diaspora - [Page 50] by Adrian Wanner · 2011

  • "Thermo-Calc has brought out a new HEA thermodynamic database (TCHEA) to assist researchers in the calculations in multicomponent space." from High-Entropy Alloys - [Page xiii] by B.S. Murty, ‎Jien-Wei Yeh, ‎S. Ranganathan · 2019

  • "As for Ted Hughes , he has brought out a new collection entitled Rain - Charm for the Duchy" from Outcasts from Eden: Ideas of Landscape in British Poetry .[Page xv] by Edward Picot · 1997

  • "She has brought out numerous books and articles in national and international literary magazines." from India-Pakistan: Partition Perspectives in Indo-English Novels by V. Pala Prasada Rao, ‎K. Nirupa Rani, ‎Digumarti Bhaskara Rao · 2004

  • "AMD has brought out ATI and developed Puma, a new range of chips for laptops." from EBOOK: Microeconomics - [Page 584] by Wyn Morgan, ‎Michael Katz, ‎Harvey Rosen · 2009

  • "Historically, Intel has brought out its next generation of chips to thwart AMD and other competitors... " from PC Mag - Mar 28, 1995 - Page 91

  • "Periphonics Corp. has brought out several software modules that allow its T-Comm 7 front-end processor to support retail point-of-sale (POS) terminal systems." from Computerworld - Sep 11, 1974 - Page 29

  • "Raycom Systems, Inc. has brought out two new versions of its fiber-optic extenders for token-ring networks." from Network World - Jun 29, 1992 - Page 19

  • "The General Dynamics that responsible for many simulation training systems has brought out the idea of Network-in-the-loop, ..." from Computer And Network Technology - Proceedings Of The International Conference On Iccnt 2009 [Pasge 73] ISBN 9789814466332.

  • "Jam, in Collaboration with Whirlpool and Corian, has Received a fully interactive kitchen with soft lines and warm textures and Philips has brought out the Cafe Due ...* from The International Design Yearbook 2001 - [Page 179] by Michele De Lucchi, ‎Jennifer Hudson · 2001

  • "I do not know how many new products he has brought out ..." from "Liability Insurance: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Small Business"(1987) United States. Congress. House. Committee on Small Business. Subcommittee on Antitrust, Impact of Deregulation, and Privatization·

  • "... the product of that union — Nixdorf Computer Software Co. (NCSC) — has brought out its first software offerings to the IBM and compatible mainframe market" from Computerworld - Sep 8, 1980 - Page 47

  • "The System Products Division also has brought out the PC XT/370, a PC combined with a machine that runs, ..." from InfoWorld - Oct 15, 1984 - Page 42

  • "Computer Associates has brought out a feature-packed software package." from InfoWorld - Jan 30, 1984 - Page 9

  • "Texas Instruments, the semiconductor company, has brought out a computer-aided design system which runs on an IBM Personal Computer..." from New Scientist - Nov 1, 1984 - Page 23

  • "it has brought out eight new generations of computers in ten years" from Performance Engineering at Work - Page 404 by Peter J. Dean · (1999) quoting the Wall Street Journal, September 5, 1991

  • "The manufacturer has brought out a line of three ruggedized IBM - PC / AT compatible computers." from Control Engineering - Volume 34, Issues 1-6 - Page 175(1987)

  • "Hewlett-Packard Co. has brought out two new small computer systems interface (SCSI) subsystems for mass storage." from Computerworld - Aug 5, 1991 - Page 29

  • "Since the initial launch of this product in August 2000, Oracle has brought out version 2.0..." from Bridging the Global Digital Divide [Page 52] by Jeffrey James · 2003

  • "Two years later, Tandy has brought out the Model 100's successor, the Model 200, a laptop computer that offers ..." from InfoWorld - May 13, 1985 - Page 46

  • "Apple has pulled the plug on the Mac Ilfx , until last year its most powerful machine, and has brought out a 33MHz Quadra" from Information Technology Digest - Volume 1 - Page 20 (1992)

  • "Unipress Software of Edison, New Jersey, has brought out its Uniplex II product, a Unix-based office automation package" from InfoWorld - Jul 8, 1985 - Page 21

  • "Intel has brought out a steady stream of new microprocessors from the 8080 series to the Pentium in all its variations.variations " from No-Nonsense Marketing: 101 Practical Ways to Win and Keep Customers By Victor H. Prushan · 1997 ISBN 9780471157076, published by Wiley [page 120]

  • "President Richard A. ... Boise has brought out new models at an aggressive pace , giving competitors little opportunity ..." from Business Week - Issues 3202-3211 - Page 79 (1991)

  • "AccessData has brought out a product called NTpass, a NetWare password recovery program ..." from Network World - Nov 23, 1992 - Page 11

  • "In addition to the 1900S series, ICL has brought out a new version of the old 1902A computer" from New Scientist - Apr 29, 1971 - Page 266

  • "The Ingres Products Division of Ask Computer Systems has brought out what it calls the first terminal - based fourth - generation ..." from Predicasts Technology Update - Volume 47, Issues 1-26 - [Page 8] (1991)

  • " ... everyone has brought out a rival version—even HP, with its 65-font ProCollection cartridge." from PC Mag Jun 13, 1989 - Page 218

  • "Now Xerox Imaging Systems (XIS) has brought out the first portable reading machine." from PC Mag - Mar 16, 1993 - Page 31

  • "Microsense has brought out Sportster Si 14.4 Faxmodem , which has been developed by US Robotics." from *Dataquest: DQ. - Page 79 (1996)·

  • ".. because a competitor has brought out a successful new product (i.e. one which sells) we will produce one as well." from The Marketing Matrix: How the Corporation Gets Its Power - Page 41 by Gerard Hastings · 2013

  • "Lotus has brought out a product that will When used with the EGA ..." from Personal Computing - Volume 10 - Page 45 (1986) ·

  • "Burroughs has brought out a series of competitors ' products ..." from Time - Volume 100 - Page 10 (1972)

I have skipped all results where "brought out" is used in the sense of "brought to notice" or in uses such as "brought out the best/worst in". I have also skipped the many uses in legal contexts where "brought out" refers to evidence developed during a case. I have also skipped many uses in religious contexts, largely referring to the Exodus from Egypt. I think the above 24 published examples should be enough to refute the suggestion that such a use of "brought out" is "non-standard AmE English". Note that some are from technical publications specifically discussing product releases, and some are from books of instruction on the use of English.

  • 2
    Huh. Not disagreeing with ngrams necessarily but I would say the opposite, in my experience as a native AmE speaker: "coming out with" is better and more common than "bringing out." In the past tense I have an extremely strong preference for "has come out with" over "has brought out" to the point where I would—without hesitation—call "has brought out" non-standard AmE usage.
    – randomhead
    Commented Apr 10, 2022 at 4:28
  • @randomhead I was thinking more in terms of news stories abpout future releases than past ones. But I think calling "has brought out" non-standard english is quite a bit over-the-top. Commented Apr 10, 2022 at 15:16
  • @randomhead See my edits to the answer above, citing a dozen published examples including PC Mag and Computerworld. Would you still call "has brought out " non-standard AmE usage" I would also add that your contention does not match my experience as a native AmE speaker employed in IT for most of my life. Commented Apr 10, 2022 at 17:33
  • 1
    Note that 7/12 of your "brought out" examples are from Indian and/or Pakistani authors, and so are wholly irrelevant to my contention that it is non-standard AmE usage, let alone the fact that most of the examples are not talking about technology or consumer products. I will concede the PC Mag and Computerworld examples, though they are somewhat dated. My anecdotal experience is that "has come out with" is more widely used.
    – randomhead
    Commented Apr 10, 2022 at 19:42
  • @randomhead It is hard to do a search finding examples specifically "talking about technology or consumer products." (although you did not limit your first comment on this issue to those uses). I could have found more specifically US uses in those categories. But I think the ones above are sufficient to show that even if your memory is correct that "came out with" is more common when announcing tech or consumer products, "brought out" is perfectly acceptable standard usage in all versions of English. Commented Apr 10, 2022 at 20:07

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