In my native language the point of and the sense of may be translated in the same way. Is there any difference between them in English? I would like to look at examples. For instance,

What is the point of the feature?


What is the sense of the feature?

Are these two sentences correct at all?


The point of and The sense of may mean the same in some context and different in other. It depends for what they are used.

One of the meanings of sense (meaning #7) and point (def #3) is purpose. So, if you, in your example sentence, are asking about what is the reason behind or purpose of keeping this feature, both the words can be used.

Note that they are not interchangeable in all cases.

'In what sense you are using the word (Here, I'm talking about in what context, meaning...)?' won't look natural if you write - 'In what point you are using the word?'

There are many meanings of both the words and as I said, either can be used if you mean 'purpose' or 'reason'.

However, to sound natural, I'd prefer...

What is the purpose of the feature?

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