Here is the situation.

I was browsing some clothes on a web sites. Some time later, I decided to make the order for some lace ones. So, I was then asked to fill in the order form. I might be sleepy that I added an extra digit to my contact number in the order form. Say, the correct contact number should be 123456789, but I mistakenly filled in the wrong one, 1234567890. And I did not carefully check the information before I pressed the submit button.

Two days have passed after this happened, and now I am trying to call the customer service department for help, but I am not sure if it will sound weird if I use the word, "update" in this sentence.

"I need your help to update my contact number"

Or the word, "Update" is readable in computers only?


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The verb update is fine, but that usually means that you are changing a number from an older valid number to a newer one.

You could use the verb correct instead:

"I need your help to correct my contact number"

This would mean that the number they have in the system now is incorrect, whereas using update could mean the current number was correct at one time but is now changing.

That said, either word should work just fine for you. When dealing with a problem like this, most people don't pay too much attention to subtle differences like these, and your use of the word update would be just fine in this case.


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