I'd like to make sure if I have right idea about this. These lines are quote from a movie called "The Big Short" (script).

It's pretty confusing right?

Doesn't it make you feel bored... Or stupid...

Well... it's supposed to.

Wall-street loves to use confusing terms, to make you think only they can do what they do.

The they stands for people in general, doesn't it? so in this context you and they are the same.


Here they refers to "Wall-street." And wall-street refers to the "the money market or the financiers of the U.S." (dictionary dot com) or the

collective name for the financial and investment community, which includes stock exchanges and large banks, brokerages, securities and underwriting firms, and big businesses.

(Investopedia, emphasis mine)

You here means people in general but includes the person the guy is talking to as a specific example.

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