This article has a strange title:

Some Like It Bot
Algorithms are getting better at entertaining us.

Artificial intelligence has captured the rhythm of science fiction. For example, the script of a new science fiction short is the creation of a bot. Although the software provides...

What does it mean? What's the logic or pun behind it? It's extremely un-grammatical, but as a title it is acceptable, so I read it like "Some people like it to be a robot", but I'm not sure and wonder if there is more meaning behind.

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It's a pun on the well-known phrase "some like it hot."

This originates from the nursery rhyme Pease Porridge Hot. Wikipedia lists a number of works of art or literature titled "Some Like It Hot."

In the nursery rhyme, "some like it hot" refers to people who prefer a certain type of porridge (people who like "hot" porridge). I would interpret "some like it bot" to likewise refer to people who prefer a certain type of something unspecified (people who like "bot" something-or-other). In the case of this article, it seems to mean "some people like 'robotically' generated entertainment."

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