Which one is correct to use in this context?(all pronouns refer to the same people)

Your best friend is you.

Your best friend is yourself.

Our best friends are ourselves.

Our best friends are we.

Our best friends are us.

My best friend is myself.

My best friend is me.

My best friend is I.

Her best friend is herself.

Her best friend is her.

Her best friend is she.

And what about these sentences?

My friend is she.

My best friend is her.

Her best friend is I.

Her best friend is me.

  • The easy solution to all of these is to stop trying to force them into this word order... It's one that I would personally avoid because it sounds odd. The idiomatic phrasing is - "You are your own best friend"... or, the even more idiomatic, famous example is "We are our own worst enemies".
    – Catija
    Nov 24, 2016 at 22:34

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1 : both can be correct. 2. option a. 3. option a and b. 4. option a. Sentences --- 1. They are both wrong, but for different reasons. option a is not wrong, but the word order is weird : She is my friend is acceptable, but my friend is she is unusual in English. 2. option 2 is correct.

Is this homework? ;) what you want to study up on is the difference between different types of pronouns (reflexive vs possessive, etc). But always remember, English grammar sometimes follows no rules/logic, only traditions. Hope this helped.


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